About Me

I am always eager to take a challenge.


I work hard on delivering solutions for my peers and clients. I create well designed and functioning website and web apps.


I work with HTML5, CSS3 and pure JavaScript. I love coding as such and I am currently learning cool JS frameworks and libraries.


I love working in teams, getting feedback from colleagues and sharing ideas. Let's work together!

My Technology Skills

I know a variety of languages realted to web technoplogies and I keep on learning new languages and frameworks.



The base of web



Fantastic designes



Squeeze more from CSS!



Works on every device



Anything can be done



Quick and easy



JavaScript framework



JavaScript framework



Puting server side into action



A key to databases



Powerful Eshop quick and easy



CMS for everyone



Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting.



The world's largest software registry.

Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools

Dev Tools for Web Developers.

Git Hub


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My Portfolio

Take a look at my projects

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster | Website Copy

This is the copy of the original product page for the Tesla Roadster car.

Apple Web Site

Apple | Website Copy

This is the copy of the original company page showing the main selection of products.

Pic 02

Company Employee Site Project | ČEZ Group

This project is created for member of the ČEZ Group, a Czech energetics company. The site displays data on company maintenance statistics. Only members can access the site. The data has a hierarchy, which view is limited to rights of certain users. The site is built with PHP and MySQL.

Pic 01

Consultancy Company Website | BRICHTA & PARTNERS

Responsive company website created with Bootstrap with a PHP contact form sending output to custom email box. Webpage created for a Management & Executive Search consulting firm based in Czech Republic.

Pic 01

PHP Social Site & Calalog | VŠE & TAČR

This website is developed as a catalogue of proposals for waste reduction. Part of the TAČR acadmical project TL01000217 executed by ECO Trend and University of Economics in period 2018-2020. The site is built with HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

Pic 01

Tic Tac Toe Game with AI | Demo

This web app has built in AI, which can't loose. Try it for yourself. The logic of the website is created in pure JavaScript.

Pic 01

Search engine using YouTube API | Demo

This project entailed creating a YouTube viewer in JavaScript and jQuery with integration of the fancyBox3 serving as a viewer.

Pic 01

Project List | Demo

This app is build with React.js 16.7.0. App is working with an API, which proves the data, but does not provide editing the db.data. App has standard CRUD features: creating contacts, adding contacts, editing them and deleting them. App is using basic routing between individual components for visualising inputs, editing them and deleting them.

Pic 01

Full eshop site | Demo

Eshop created by adjusting the template of free OpenCart platform. Eshop provides full customer service and management support.


What my clients say...

Person 1

Jaroslav Fořt

Past president - RAC Praha

Simon pleasantly surprised us that he did add a number of features to our site. The actual result of his work exceeded the original assignment. We are fully satisfied with his proposal and appreciate the fact that he devoted himself so thoroughly and quickly to the whole site. Cooperation with Simon on the project was excellent.

Person 2

Jakub Jedlinský

CEO - Altlift s.r.o.

Simon is enthusiastic about webdesign and is intensely engaged in. He was able to design a solution that fits my business. Its application worked fast and flawlessly. Simon has continually sent me the results, quickly incorporating my other requirements, and quickly completing the application over the weekend. I like to recommend it to others.

Person 3

Irena Brichta

CEO - Brichta Partners, co.

Simon provides a great service and manages all the challenges related to webdevelopment. He has a great wealth of knowledge, how to design a web, which fits my business needs and manages to overcome obstancles, which suprising arrised. I will suggest Simon gladly to anyone, who needs a new business web site.

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